Translation Service

If you are visiting my Words World
it probably means that
you need to engage your customers abroad
using their own language.

I am sure you are wondering about who I am and why you should choose my Translation Service
Shown below, a brief explanation of my background

My name is Emanuela Cammardella, I am italian and I’ve studied languages all my life:
English since primary school,
French since middle school
and Spanish since high school.
I have a bachelor degree in Modern Languages, Spanish and Chinese.

I have lived in China working in the hospitality;
I completed a master in Company Management and Strategy
with final thesis “the Marketing and its evolution, with one unique narrative thread, China”.
Last but not least, I completed an intensive course of professional translation
followed by the more specific translation for marketing texts.

If you need to translate texts about traveling, tourism and hospitality;
if you want to translate the web site or presentation of your hotel, hostel or B&B;
if you simply look to translate some marketing texts about luxury goods

Contact me for a quotation

Send an e-mail to attaching:

– the text to be translated (in a modifiable format),
– the purpose of the translation (including a brief presentation of company/brand and target)
– the date you need it

I will send you back a quotation according to the provided material and details
and wait for your final approval before starting to work on it.
You will get the translation and invoice once the job will be done.

I will use my words to recreate yours!

Looking forward to work with you