That time in Vienna

We had dinner in Bratislava

Improvise: «say or do something suddenly, offhand, without previous preparation».

This is the story of two flatmates working remotely from Vienna and improvising a dinner in Bratislava: «come on, it’s just one hour by train, we go and come back after dinner» – Alan told me.

So this is how we did it: we ran to the Wien Hauptbahnhof (Vienna Central Station) after work; we were afraid not to have enough time to purchase the tickets in the station so we bought the Bratislava-ticket on (round trip for 16€).
Once gotten to the station, we just had to find the machine to print it out using the code we got via email then jump on the train; one hour later, we were arriving to Bratislava Petržalka, the southern station from which we took a city bus to get to the city center.

We arrived when it was dark already, but we had some time to stroll around before dinner because Bratislava is a very small city to visit.

Highlights in Bratislava?

The centre is so small that you can literally see everything just walking around for an hour more or less, but if you have time don’t do like us and spend a whole day there – at least you’d be able to get to the Bratislava Castel that we could only see from the bus or from the city.

Walk through random alleys to get to the square of the Old Town Hall and find out the “hidden” statues around.
Keep walking and you’ll find the riverside from which you can have a view of the Ufo Tower on top of the bridge.

Last but not least, the church of Saint Elizabeth, better known as Blue Church for its color; it is located in the eastern part of the Old Town.

Dinner time! And Alan was clear on this: «when in Bratislava, dinner is only in Slovak Pub», so there we go.

This is the largest bar in town (11 rooms tuned in different eras of the Slovak history) and surely the most famous one; although very popular among tourists, it is also the young locals’ favourite spot to hang out. Very recommended.

We ordered the most typical we found:

  • Traditional cabbage soup with sausage, sour cream and bread;
  • Slovak Platter for 2 people (pierogis and sort of spatzels with cabbage or sheep cheese and bacon);
  • Sausages with mustard.

We were extremely satisfied with such a heavy dinner…

Maybe it was tastier because unscheduled and… “improvised”? Could be, but I’m not sure.

What I am sure of is that our mission was accomplished – dinner was ingested – and we could roll back to Vienna with the last train from Bratislava hlavná stanica, the main train station.

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I’ll read ya!

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