Travel Tips Buenos Aires

Listen to me, Buenos Aires must be on your wishlist!

I’d like to give you some tip about what, in my opinion, cannot be missed during a visit to Buenos Aires.

In alphabetical order:

1. Abasto; it’s the name of a shopping center but in the district you can find some nice street art. Just keep your eyes open because, as in all big cities, a tourist could catch some … “attention”. 😉

2. Walk the Avenida de Mayo, the avenue of 1.5 km that goes from Plaza de Mayo to the Palacio del Congreso. Facing the square: the Casa Rosada (the presidential palace), the Catedral Metropolitana and other points of interest.

Learn about “The mothers of Plaza de Mayo” who gather regularly in the square since the 70s to get answers about their children – the desaparecidos during the military dictatorship – and representing now a voice against the human rights violation.

Walking on the avenue, check also the Café Tortoni, the historical coffee house selected as one of the most beautiful in the world.

3. Spend half day in La Boca. This colorful district is full of ornamental fileteado, the pictorial style characteristic of Buenos Aires that you can admire as soon as you pass over the Caminito.

Take a break by eating a good choripan (bread with sausage) then get to La Bombonera, the famous blue and yellow stadium where Diego Armando Maradona showed everyone how to play soccer. In this district, if someone asks you where you’re from and you happen to be Italian, they will make you feel home – even more if you come from Napoli like me (you know, Maradona, Napoli… we’re family 😛 ).

4. Take a photo with the symbolic Obelisco in Avenida 9 de Julio.

5. Go for a walk in Puerto Madero, the most exclusive district of the city, home to the Puente de las Mujeres, the pedestrian bridge designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

6. Visit the cemetery of Recoleta where some of the most important Argentinian are resting – Eva Peròn (known as Evita) is one of them. In the surrounding gardens, you could also find a nice market or just sit on the grass and enjoy the sun drinking mate as most of the locals do.

Not far from the cemetery, the Floralis Generica: the biggest flower in the world, a sculpture in aluminum that at night closes up its petals to rest.

7. San Telmo! This Bohemian district is the most ancient of Buenos Aires, it’s full of different stands selling paintings, jewelry… all kind of stuff!

Don’t forget to get to the Paseo de la historieta and look for Mafalda!

These are the most unmissable points of interests for a tourist, according to the opinion of a Buenos Aires lover like me. But it is obvious that this city offers a lot more, it all depends of how long will your trip last.

Please, let me also remind you to stop one moment – ok, more than one – to:

  • try dulce de leche
  • eat empanadas and alfajores
  • drink mate for breakfast and fernet at dinner
  • gather around a smokey asado
  • take tango lessons (I did!)

And if you have time, why not traveling to Mendoza for a tour of the bodegas with wine tasting, like Mayte and I did?!

I would also like to tell you that for Italian passports is very easy to travel around South America: (do you remember that I had a day trip to Santiago de Chile?) in the Mercosur area my passport doesn’t need any visa, in fact the entry stamp has a validity of three months for tourism purpose. Check with the embassy if it’s the same for yours; if so, you could travel to Chile by bus or to Uruguay by ferry – just saying.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page…
I’ll read ya!

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