Who am I?

My name is Emanuela.
For Italians like me I would be Manu (for my grandparents Manù),
but all over the world I introduce myself as Ema
since I found out that mine, is not always an easy name to pronounce.

About me I can tell you that
I talk a lot, ask a lot and dream a lot (mostly about traveling and eating)
and that one day I decided to stop just dreaming and turn those dreams into reality.
I am a curious.
Do you know what’s the definition of the word “curious”?
If you google it, it’s «eager to know or learn something» but also «strange, unusual», well… that’s exactly me:
my curiosity made me eager to travel and discover new places, cultures, people, food.

Now tell me:
what’s better than speaking other languages to get to know different cultures?
I studied languages all my life, starting by English, French and Spanish at school and went on with Chinese at university;
I speak some português
and even “spoke” some words in polski when in Poland.

I travelled since I was a kid: with parents and brothers when possible, with friends after the 18th birthday and later even alone
(I can be scared of my own shadow sometimes, but never afraid to go around the world all by myself… isn’t it strange?!)

In my Words World I will tell you about my trips!

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